Self-worth is the law of attraction.

You’re always manifesting whether you want to or not, so why not get in the driver’s seat? Neural Manifestation is To Be Magnetic’s proprietary manifestation process backed by neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, and energetics - with a touch of spirituality sprinkled on top. It’s based on raising your self-worth through reprogramming, expansion, journal exercises, navigating tests from the Universe, and learning how to take practical action that will result in magnetism

Our workshops are designed to hold your hand through this process, so you can shed all of the shame and limiting beliefs you’re carrying and begin manifesting the authentic life you’re craving. 

Wondering where to start?

We suggest joining The Pathway, and from there you can learn the process with How To Manifest, unblock with Unblocked Inner Child & Unblocked Shadow, then choose your next workshop based on what you’re manifesting. 


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