Get started with the Foundational Tools of Manifestation. Includes 6 months of access to our 3 core workshops below.

Increase your magnetism and create the life of your dreams. Debunk superstition around outdated manifestation rhetoric. Learn to rewire your neural pathways to create lasting change in your life. Integrate our terms and methodology.

Release your childhood baggage and restore your confidence. Heal childhood wounds that block you from returning to your most authentic self. Rewire your neural pathways to replace limiting beliefs with self-empowerment.

Learn how to identify, own and integrate rejected aspects of self. Step into your true authenticity by letting go of shame and self doubt. Stop settling for less than you deserve. Understand your inherent worthiness.

Learn About:
  • Our unique manifestation process and terminology
  • How to look at limiting beliefs that you picked up in childhood and reprogram them through neuroscience based hypnosis exercises
  • How to look at the rejected aspects of self & humanity that you’ve kept hidden to stay “lovable.” Reclaim and integrate them to become the most magnetic and authentic version of you.

14 Deep Imaginings: Guided hypnosis meditations for reprogramming

160+ journaling prompt exercises

30+ lectures & days of content: written, audio, and including 10 video lessons

Other action items, processes, and daily exercises for growth

A $431 dollar value when purchasing a la carte - but to make it more accessible we’ve priced The Basics Bundle at $295 for the entire 6 months of access! 

This is twice as long as our standard access time for all other a la carte purchases! 

This bundle is perfect for beginners who want to get their feet wet with the work but don’t want to commit to the full 12 month Pathway Membership - or for those who’ve done the Pathway in the past and want access to these core workshops over the next 6 months. We recommend starting with learning Lacy's unique formula to magnetism and key terms & concepts within How to Manifest, then moving into Unblocked Inner Child and finishing with Unblocked Shadow. Then once you've completed one round of each, revisiting often & as needed!

Manifestation Powered by Neuroscience

This process is backed by Neuroplasticity, which is the brain's incredible ability to change throughout our lives. It’s a fact that every time we learn or do something new, our brain changes. Our brains are also shaped and molded by everything we have experienced – both positively and negatively.

We can take agency over our experience and manifest the things we want in life instead of defaulting to a negative subconscious narrative. Identifying and reprogramming these limiting beliefs is exactly what you will learn in our workshops.

Repetition and emotional intensity are key to creating lasting changes in your brain, which is why we recommend a daily commitment to this work for optimal results. The Basics Bundle comes with a calendar to keep you on track!

– TBM Neuroscience & Psychology Advisor, Dr. Tara Swart

Skeptical? Listen to This Free Episode of The Expanded Podcast to Learn More

Dr. Tara Swart, our in-house Neuroscience and Psychology Advisor, joins Lacy & Jessica to discuss the foundational tools of manifestation. Each offers their unique perspective on the core TBM workshops now available as The Basics Bundle: How To Manifest, Unblocked Inner Child and Unblocked Shadow. Through the discussion they offer insight and core tools for everyone to shake up their subconscious, move through blocks and really learn the process to see tangible results. Dr. Tara gives science-based observations as Lacy weighs in on the energetic side to give a compelling deep dive into the To Be Magnetic method!

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