Learn what goes into a healthy partnership and how to manifest an aligned partner. Includes 3 months access!

Unblocked Love

Covers things like trauma bonding, deserperation, finding your energetic blocks, crafting your partner list, cutting energy, online dating and more. It has been audited by our neuroscience and psychology advisor Dr. Tara, and was reformatted to be more digestible. 

Relationship Reflection Mini Workshop

Covers mirrors, the honeymoon phase and tapping back into that energy, triggers and needs within partnership, ending a relationship or outgrowing your partner and manifesting within partnership

Learn About:
  • The love & money connection
  • How to manifest a partner
  • How to give yourself more of what you’re desiring from a partner
  • The energetics behind relationship dynamics

5 Deep Imaginings: Our proprietary blend of self-hypnosis & meditation

Actions items & daily exercises to support you in jumping off cliffs

30+ different manifestation teachings on partnership energetics

Who is this for?

Unblocked Love: This workshop is perfect for those who are dating or looking to manifest a partner. You’ll learn why every partner is a mirror, what trauma bonding is, how to set up a magnetic dating profile, how to spot red flags in dating, and more!

Relationship Reflection: This mini workshop is ideal for those in partnership. It will support you in reflecting on the entire span of the relationship, figuring out what unfulfilled needs exist, and you’ll learn how to clean up your side of the street to facilitate your own healing.

"This workshop couldn’t be more helpful and aligned with everything I knew I should be doing and just didn’t have the impetus or clarity to do. I feel like I’ve done 6 years of therapy in 6 days and I’m telling everyone I know about this. Thank you Lacy and team!!!"

- TBM Community Member

Skeptical? Listen to This Free Episode of The Expanded Podcast to Learn More

In this episode, Lacy & Jessica talk about how to unblock to manifest partnership & love, how to spot tests when calling in your partner, what it means to be trauma bonded, how triggers and doing this work affects every area of your life, & more! This will be expansive for people in any stage of a relationship, whether you’re looking for a partner, in a partnership, or need to exit a relationship.

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