What you'll learn in this workshop:
  • Why you’re intrinsically worthy of everything you want
  • Who your “authentic self” is
  • How to get back to taking care of yourself
  • The energetics of a rock bottom
  • How to navigate this time so you can create sustainable change
  • How to detox and delegate what’s not serving you in your life
  • Why rock bottoms happen
  • How to figure out what you can learn from this rock bottom

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In this episode we dive deep into the energetics of ruts, rock bottoms, or magic darks! These are themes that we all go through and are crucial to the manifestation process. While they may seem difficult at the time, there is always magnetism on the other side.

Lacy is joined by Jessica Gill & Dr. Tara for a roundtable discussion about the energetic and neurological background behind these themes and how to recognize them, differentiate between them, and finally expand to unblock them. They also cover brain science, astrology, inner childhood wounds, egoic programming, and examples from their own personal life experiences.

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